Theory Z - Table 1

Levels of Organization Related to Other Hierarchical Variables

NB: The authors have used Keith Davis' table (28,1, p. 480 of Human relations at work, 3rd ed. 1967) as a base to which are added: BLUE-Maslow's additions; RED-Cannon's additions.

Depends on: Power Economic Resources Leadership Mutual Contribution Devotion to B-values
Managerial orientation: Authority Material rewards Support Integration Signal giver. Fellow workers.
Employee Orientation: Obedience Security Performance Responsibility Acceptance of factual superiority
Employee psychological result: Personal dependency Organizational dependency Participation Self-discipline Oblation. Self-sacrifice
Employee needs met: Subsistence Maintenance Higher-order Self-realization Metaneeds, B-values
Morale Measure: Compliance (fear and pain avoidance) Satisfaction. Lower-level satiation. Motivation. Forward-pressure. Commitment to task and team Commitment to the B-values
McGregor: X X+ Y Y+ Z
Maslow: Physiological homeostasis and health Safety and security (cell boundaries) Social Personal power Metaneeds. B-values
Herzberg: Maintenance Maintenance Motivational Motivational  
W. H. Whyte:   Organization Man      
Blake and Mouton: 9,1 3,5 6,6 8,8 Add Z-axis
Motivational environment: Extrinsic Extrinsic Intrinsic Intrinsic Fusion
Motivational style: Negative Neutral Positive Positive B-leadership; orthomentoring
Managerial Power Style: Autocratic   Participative   Aggridant; Alpha; Factually Superior and Dominant
Modal level of Personal Development: Owner Boss. Father. Patriarch Equality of Immature Healthy. Mature. Transcendent. B-level. Beyond the ego. Transpersonal.
Image of Man: Thing to be used Pet, child, doll; Benevolent dictator. Pre-bicameral. Partnerships for mutual gain Every man a general. Alliances between sovereign persons. Healthy, synergic society and good condidions. Saint-sage politician. Pragmatist. Tsaddik. B-man. Bodhisattva. Heraclitean. "To lead the people, walk behind them." --Lao Tzu
Objectivity: Alien. Owning. Pre-bicameralism.     B-Love fusion. Objectivity. Taoistic objectivity. Transcendent objectivity. Seen from above. Aspect of eternity.
Politics: Slaves. Things. Robots. DANGER WILL ROBINSON Patriarch. DANGER WILL ROBINSON Allies for mutual advantage. DANGER WILL ROBINSON Senators. Every man a general. Full sovereignty. B-Politics. Anarchy. Decentralization. Impersonality. Transpersonality.
Religion: God of fear and wrath Father God Loving-Kindness Humanism Transhumanism Seeing human species and psychology "from above"
Economics: Lower need economics; materialism Benevolent ownership; noblesse oblige Loving kindness Mutual respect; Full sovereignty; Democratic; Partnerships Eupsychian Democracy; Moral economics. Social indicators in accounting system.
Level of Science: Thing science; atomism Infrahuman science Humanistic science Humanistic science Transhuman science; Web science in the neo-neo-cortex.
Level of Values: Value-free Infrahuman Humanistic Humanistic B-values; Transhumanistic; Teological
Method: Atomistic; Dichotomizing; Reducing; Analyzing Atomistic; Dichotomizing; Reducing; Analyzing Holism; Integration; Synergy Holism; Integration; Synergy B-leadership
Degree of Humanness: Stunted; Less than fully human Stunted; Less than fully human Stunted; Less than fully human Fully D-human. D-SA Fully B-human; B-SA
Growth Vector: Regression Regression Regression Homeostatic equilibrium; D-growth B-Growth
Education: Indoctrination and memorization of rules; drills; tests Dominating education; Dogmatic education Mutual education Mentoring Duty; Responsibility; Bodhisattva; Orthomentoring
Levels of Therapist/Therapy: Machinist; surgeon; trephinist Veterinarian Benevolent; Kind father; Bruderhof Existential; I-Thou; Mentoring Orthomentoring
Communication Style: Orders Orders Selling Mutuality B-language
Grumble Level: Lower Middle Middle High Metagrumbles or metapathological grumbles
Pay, Wages, Rewards: Material goods ADD: Security now and in the future ADD: Friendship; Affection; Belongingness ADD: Dignity; status; praise Gin